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What makes a leather bag special?

Leather is created from skins of animals through a process known as tanning. The most common sources of skin are Buffalos, Goats and Sheep but leather also comes from the skins of Alligators, Ostriches and Lizards. The special thing about leather is that it ages gracefully and the look and finish improves with time like French wine preserved in barrels. It is also easy to use and can withstand rough and rugged usage because of its resilience and durability. This makes leather a popular choice for bags.

Being an accessory and a product that one uses everyday, the fad for bags come and goes and everyone likes to have a multiple choices when it comes to which bag to use today, but a leather bag never goes out of style and it is always smart to have one in your collection. People often think that leather bags are unimaginative as they are normally used to seeing same old vintage designs in messengers and handbags. But there has been a lot of innovation done in leather processing and designing. Leather these days is produced in almost unlimited choices of colours, finishes and patterns. Each tannery produces leather in a different way giving a unique colour, texture and finishing to the bag made out of it.Leather bags are by default considered to be a sophisticated product but leather also brings with itself a touch of jazz and bling with enormous options of colours, finishing and fittings that turn a hide of leather into a handcrafted bag.

Leather bags were once out of reach for many budgets because tanning leather was a complicated and a time consuming procedure in the past, which made it very expensive.Leather bags today have become much more affordable owing to innovation in tanning processes not only making it cheaper but also giving buyers more options with colors and styles.

At Landmesser we try our best to handcraft bags out of pure leather and make it more accessible to people. Go ahead and treat yourself with a product that is age resistant and compliments your personality effortlessly in a subtle and pure way.