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Leather Used for Handbags

What kind of leather is used in leather handbags?

Leather comes in various grades and types but there are three basic types that are used in find leather handbags.

  1. Full-grain leather is made from the finest natural hides and is made from all the layers of the hide, including the layer that is closest to the surface. This is also the most durable and strongest among all the leather types. This leather will not wear out and will develop a rich patina over time that develops it beauty even further. This leather is ideal for bags used in demanding conditions. This leather is not sanded or polished down, and hence the naturally occurring pores in the hide offer both water resistance and breath-ability. Bags made out of this leather might have some small scars and imperfections on them because of the natural finish. This should not be of any concern ad it only gives the bag more character and a classic rugged leather look.

  2. Corrected-grain leather also called top-grain leather is the second strongest leather type. It is smooth on one side and fuzzy on the other. On the smooth side, the natural grain of the hide is sanded off and an artificial grain is applied with a stamping process. It gives it an even and smooth surface. This makes the imperfections in the hide less visible but it also makes it less water-resistant although the process makes the leather more resistant to stains. The water resistance can be significantly improved by using products that protect against rain and water.

  3. Suede leather or split-grain leather is an interior split of the hide. It has a velvet-like and fuzzy look which makes it very soft in touch but it also lacks the rough exterior and hence is more susceptible to wear and tear. This makes it suitable for products that require soft and silky feel.

There are other exotic types of leather as well which are more exotic and comes from the hide of Ostriches, Crocodiles, Lizards, Stingrays, etc. These are rare and thus come with a costlier price tag but nevertheless make the user stand out in crowd. We at Landmesser use the best quality of full grain and corrected grain leather and ensure that our traditional artisans use the best method to handcraft our bags which will ensure you receive all the advantages of using a leather bag :)