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Why should you have a Leather bag?

Humans have been using leather for thousands of years. And it is still a preferable choice among all the options because of its durability and strength, and its ability to age flawlessly over years and look good after many years of use. Coming from a trusted store, you can also be sure that the leather is pure and genuine. People often tell stories about things they inherited from their grandparents, and they are still able to use it after decades it was made. There are great chances that one of those things will be a leather bag and they will only look better with time.

Advantages of using a leather bag are many. They are breathable and natural; they are durable and can withstand harsh conditions of time and nature. The style and feel of a leather bag makes it stand out in a crowd and lastly they are eco-friendly and do not pollute our environment like synthetic leather and nylon products.

Leather products these days come in various colours and finishing. During the process of tanning, the colour of leather can be manipulated by the process and treatments, as well as pigments. The natural colour of leather, that is, the base of leather is very natural earthy brown that vary in hue from tan brown to dark brown but it can be processed into colours difficult to imagine. This makes it very easy to style and handcraft a leather bag in various ways to suit the style and personality of the buyer.

The industry has made great advancments and it is easier to make products which look very similar to real leather bags. People are also concerned on how the 2 classes of products affect the environment. To make synthetic leather is an energy intensive procedure and a lot of chemicals are used which are environmental hazards. The main component of synthetic leather is PVC that is not biodegradable and produce toxins when produced and exposed to earth and ground. Fake leather also do not last long because to produce something at that cost which could be as durable as genuine leather is not possible. This means that you have to buy fake leather products and change them very frequently, which could be very taxing to the environment and also to your budget. Leather products, however, once costlier will last for a lifetime. We at Landmesser make sure that we create bags out of pure leather which will withstand the harshness of time and will only get better with age. So go ahead and buy yourself a bag which will be a durable companion for life :)