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1. What’s the source of inspiration behind the name ?

Our products take inspiration from August Landmesser who was a German man who refused to do a Nazi salute in front of Hitler. It takes integrity and a lot of courage to maintain a high moral ground for oneself and stay determined against all odds. We salute all those people who in their everyday lives maintain a similar moral ground for themselves and stay determined against all adversities that life throws at them.

2. What Materials go into making a Landmesser bag ?

We use only genuine and high quality leather to make all our products. High quality Brass fittings form an integral part of our products along with cotton fabric for lining.

3. What is the average life cycle of a leather bag ?

Leather products only get better with age and one can still use a leather wallet or a leather messenger bag bought 5 years ago. Unlike synthetic materials leather products can sustain harsher conditions of time and nature and can maintain the look and feel even after decades. Synthetic products, however cheaper, will show signs of wear and tear and will start deteriorating in quality and usability within a very short span of time. Therefore it is always wiser to spend more once and get rid of the tension that comes with a cheaper product.

4. Guarantee ?

We take pride in skills of our artisans who have average industry experience of 20 years and take traditional approach towards handcrafting all the bags. The leather we use will last for a lifetime and all our products come with a warranty of 2 years during which we will repair the products for free and in some cases, however rare, will replace the product with a new one.

Payment Policy

We accept payments through any debit/credit card and online transfer.


We deliver free of charge to any address in India via our courier partners. An order will normally take approximately 10-12 days to reach and it can be tracked on our order status section of my account. .

Return Policy

Although we take a lot of efforts to ensure users receive the best quality products, however, in case users are not satisfied with the product purchased on our website, they can return the product within 7 days of date of delivery. Users will have to pay the shipping charges incurred while returning the product.
The returned products must not show any sign of wear and tear and must be unused.

Care for your Bag

A fine leather bag is the end product of painstaking and ritualized craftsmanship and deserves to be treated with care. Here we offer you some tips on how to protect your leather bags in few easy steps.

Know your leather- Most leather bags are vegetable- tanned with tannin. These leather bags will show slight discoloration with age and will shrivel when drenched in water. Chrome tanned leather are more resistant to water. Full grain leather is not buffed and it will show the hide’s natural grain and texture while Top-grain is thinner and has its natural grain corrected to hide the imperfections in the hide.

How to clean- sweep your bag briskly with a soft and dry cloth that won’t take more than a few minutes, but will go miles towards preserving the look and feel of your leather bags. You will need to take care of the metal fittings that go with the leather. Make sure you don’t spray any cleaners on the metal fittings as they might lose shine and color because of the chemicals.

How to condition- Leather needs conditioning just like your skin does and it will dry out over time. To prevent drying and wrinkling one can dab some conditioner and rub all over the leather with a soft cloth once in a few months.

Preventing from bad weather- Leather can never be entirely waterproof and care should be taken to minimize contact with water. Some leathers are coated with beeswax to make it more resistant to water but it can alter the hue of leather over time. There are also sprays available that are entirely invisible but will offer an additional layer against water.

How to store- Leather bags not in use should be stored in a dustproof space that is airy and doesn’t get much sunlight. It is always advised to store leather bags in a dust proof bag.

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There is a Landmesser bag for every individual who sees accessories as an extension to their personality. Our premium quality leather bags are exquisitely handcrafted by master artisans who use a mix of traditional skills and modern techniques to create contemporary... Read more...

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